Maqam Juma Masjid

Sayyed Ali Baqqafi Thangal; inaugurated the Jumua prayer in the Maquam Masjid on 16th July 2004. Now the Masjid is inadequate in facilities for the collective prayer of students and local people .The estimated amount of to re construct the old mosque is 42 lakhs of rupees.

Highway Juma Masjid Kalavur

Hashimiyya has established a mosque beside NH 47 at Kalavoor . there was no any mosque within 35 Km. of the highway. Now the mosque is very useful for the travelers labors of the factories. We now face necessitude of a Madrasa here..

Jeelani Masjid Eramallur

Hashimiyya has also purchased land in large rate and build a mosque at Eramallur. So many local students are study here under the supervision of Usthad Swalih Madani. Now it is very necessary to construct a Madrasa and first floor of the mosque..

Shareeath College

Hashimiyya Shareeath College has been established to make religious students sufficient in Islamic propagation. Now the courses up to Mukhthasar are already here.

Hifzul Quaran College

To learn by heart the holy Quran fifteen students are residing here under the supervision of usthad Abdul Samad Burhani. We are aiming at the inauguration of Hifzul Qur'an courses at above mentioned Mosques under Hashimiyya..

Information Center

Hashimiyya information centre helps many of the scholars, Imamas and religious teachers to find out proper field for Islamic propagation. The center sends orators to needed areas for Islamic preaching’s.

Relief Cell

To provide total care to very poor and orphans of the society including food, shelter, Dress, Medical and health care, Hashimiyya is running a relief cell.

Islamic Hostel

To provide religious consciousness to those students who got admitted in physical education institutions in the city. Hashimiyya has established as Islamic Hostel providing them knowledge in Qur'an, Haddeth, Fiqh, etc...